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LCD business imperative is to improve the
Time:2008/6/6 14:42:30   Author:admin   Hits:9261

【Nikkei BP news agency reported】 In order to study Chinese and foreign brands of LCD TVs, "stand-alone efficiency", GfK China launched a LCD TV brand "stand-alone efficiency" index ( "stand-alone efficiency" refers to a brand's share of an average model). And detailed monitoring and analysis of the overall market, key market segments LCD TV brands Top 1 models, Top 3 models of "stand-alone efficiency." Participation in China's LCD TV market competition, companies are generally aware of themselves and their opponent's market share is. But it is not aware of themselves and their opponent's "stand-alone efficiency" how high. For example, in general, the domestic brand's first model (that is, the brand best-selling models) share of sales amounted to what extent? The first models of foreign brands share of sales amounted to what extent? Domestic brands 32,40 / 42,46 / 47,52 inch LCD TV market, which market segments, "stand-alone efficiency" high.

      Monitoring studies have shown that, in 2007, to Hisense Top 1 model 100, foreign brands Top 1 LCD TV model efficiency index for sales amounted to 240 (Integrated 32,40 / 42,46 / 47,52 inch market), while the other domestic brand's sales volume efficiency index is 110, which means that overseas LCD TV brands, "stand-alone efficiency" is the brand for more than two-fold.

      Look at 40/42 inch LCD TV market, in 2007, foreign brands Top 1 stand-alone LCD TV sales volume efficiency index for the 341, while the other domestic brands 117. Note in this market, foreign brands stand-alone efficiency is three times that of domestic brands. Among them, Samsung Top 1 model is LA40R81B, sales amounted to 4.6% market share. The first models of the share of domestic brands of 1% from top to bottom. In other words, Samsung's "stand-alone efficiency" is about four times more than domestic brands.

      GfK China, according to estimates, in 2007, 40/42 inch LCD TVs sold in the Chinese market of 240 million yuan, which means that the domestic brands of Top 1 models the average sales per model 2 million yuan, while Samsung may be close to 1 billion yuan. "Stand-alone efficiency" gap reflects the gap between the number of billions of yuan. Can be seen, raising the "stand-alone efficiency" How important are the.

      We show that the average LCD TV brands at home and abroad, "stand-alone efficiency", in fact, some domestic brands, "stand-alone efficiency" significantly lower than the national average, and some brand much higher than the national average. To 40/42 inch LCD TV market, for example, Skyworth's Top 1 efficiency index for the stand-alone sales amounted to 197 (in Hisense Top 1 model 100), although they are still lower than Samsung's "stand-alone efficiency" (Samsung's Top 1 model sales volume index 343), but significantly higher than other domestic LCD TV brand, stand-alone efficiency.

      Analysis of foreign pressure on LCD TV brands, we complain about most is that they joined the Chinese market, price competition, which rely on low-priced foreign brands won the China LCD TV market. Can not be denied, low-price competition, brand, technology leadership, and resources is indeed overseas panel LCD TV brand advantages, but their "stand-alone efficiency" the higher is its greater threat.

      The face of fierce market competition, we need to calmly consider how to "stand-alone efficiency", which is a pressing strategic issues.

      First of all, to establish a complete, systematic, in-depth the efficiency of the major brands stand-alone monitoring system to regularly analyze their own brand, rival stand-alone brand, efficiency, and its dynamics.

      Secondly, we must find a single more efficient benchmarking brands (domestic and foreign brands), in-depth analysis of their "efficient" cause.

      Then, to develop to improve the efficiency of their own stand-alone strategic direction and strategic objectives and operational measures to improve the efficiency of stand-alone implement.

      This is a cycle of strategic process, by identifying problems, looking for benchmarking, operational improvement, to improve the "stand-alone efficiency" into R & D, production, marketing, strategic planning system, can truly a foothold in the market. (Freelance writer Epping)

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